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    Best way to balance off-road and all terrain tires


    Patented Proven Technlogy for Balancing Off Road and All Terrain tires for the life of the tire.

    No ugly weights, no corrosion to wheel!

    UNLIKE ALL OTHER BALANCERS OUR BEADS BALANCE FROM the inside from 0mph up not 30-40mph up. 

    #1 Rule in Bead Balancing: If the Beads fall when you stop don't buy them. Your not Balanced!

    Proven to work by Independent Research found bellow. You can feel safe knowing we are in 62 countries world wide because our product works guaranteed! Counteract Balancing Beads have been balancing the wheels of transportation since 1997.


    Commonly asked questions.


    Question1: Does the counteract beads only work at certain speeds?

    Answer: No, Counteract beads work from 0mph and up not 30mph and up like the competition. 


    Question2: I heard beads will beat around inside a tire when you are at slow speeds, is this true?

    Answer: Only Counteract balancing beads stay clung to the tire at any low speed even stopped. 


    Question3:Will your product have to re balance every time I stop or park over night?

    Answer: No, after installation your tire will be balanced at all times unless you leave your vehicle parked for more then 2 weeks. If you do leave it for more then 2 weeks it will only take a few rotations for the beads to cling to the tire. 


    Question4: If i get moisture or lube in the tire will your beads clump up like all the other internal balancer's?

    Answer: No, our beads are made of a tempered glass that cant absorb moisture and have a special Teflon coating that wont allow it to clump. 


    Question5: I have a internal tire pressure monitoring system will your beads damage them?

    Answer: No, we are the only internal balancer that guarantees not to damage them. Other products will damage your sensor. 


    Question6:You say Counteract will improve my tire wear and fuel economy, do you have any proof?

    Answer: Yes, besides the 62 countries we are in and countless satisfied customers we have a independent study conducted by Auburn University and Federal University of Brazil

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    The Counteract Tire Balancing beads “bag in bag” application for Trucks  makes it easy to install. Just throw the bag in the tire before mounting. The product can also be injected into the tire through the valve stem with supplied bottle and hose in Kits. Once installed, the product travels through centrifugal force and inertia to counteract the unbalanced spot on the tire.



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