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    Lead Free Tire Wheel Weights Balancing Beads

    Lead Free Wheel Weight tire Balancing


    Lead FREE Tire and Wheel Balancing

    National Lead Free Wheel Weight Initiative Complient 

    Patented Lead FREE Tire Weight Alternative saves Big Money

    Alternative to Lead Weights for Tires

    Alternative to Lead Weights for Tires saves big money

    for School Bus Fleets and Trucks.

    2.2% fuel savings and 30% better tire ware.

    Patented Counteract Balancing Beads Since 1997

    The science is revolutionary


    The goal of balancing a wheel is to reduce its rolling resistance by decreasing tire sidewall flexing, tread squirming, and friction caused by reverberation. The benefits to accomplishing proper balance are greater fuel economy, longer tire life and reduced vibration—all of which result in great efficiency for your business or personal life.

    The technology behind our balancing beads is protected by international patents and only available from Counteract Balancing Beads. It has turned the commercial trucking, transportation and recreational industries on their heads, worldwide. Made of a patented specially coated glass bead that will not breakdown or degrade, our balancing beads are placed directly into the tire where they are free to move and adjust to balance imperfections as they develop. Our balancing beads automatically balance the complete wheel assembly.

    Counteract Balancing Beads were introduced to the transportation market over 14 years ago and are now manufactured and sold throughout the world. A proven and trouble-free product, our balancing beads provide continuous balance for the life of the tire. Furthermore, they are very clean to work with, contain no dust, and are one of the few environmentally friendly products that actually save you money.

    Now, vehicles a half-tonne or larger have a simple and proven weapon against the unnecessary loses due to imbalanced wheels. Counteract Balancing Beads were designed to be installed easily by dropping a pre-measured package into the tire cavity before mounting or to be injected through the tire valve stem. And, because they were developed to allow anyone to install them, the costs associated with mounting and dismounting tires, not to mention balancing them the old fashioned way, are virtually eliminated.

    To Order go to:  http://www.tirebalancingbeads.com/





    PATENTED Lead FREE Internal Balancing Beads
    Independant Studies show a 2.2% Fuel Savings and 30% Better Tire Life,

    Bus 22.5 - 24.5 Take 10oz in the stearing Front Tires and 12oz in the Rear
    Dually Drive Tires


    #1 Rule in Bead Balancing: If the Beads fall when you stop don't buy them. Your not Balanced!

    Proven to work by Independent Research found bellow. You can feel safe knowing we are in 62 countries world wide because our product works guaranteed! Counteract Balancing Beads have been balancing the wheels of transportation since 1997.

    Commonly asked questions.


    Question1: Does the counteract beads only work at certain speeds?

    Answer: No, Counteract beads work from 0mph and up not 30mph and up like the competition. 


    Question2: I heard beads will beat around inside a tire when you are at slow speeds, is this true?

    Answer: Only Counteract balancing beads stay clung to the tire at any low speed even stopped. 


    Question3:Will your product have to re balance every time I stop or park over night?

    Answer: No, after installation your tire will be balanced at all times unless you leave your vehicle parked for more then 2 weeks. If you do leave it for more then 2 weeks it will only take a few rotations for the beads to cling to the tire. 


    Question4: If i get moisture or lube in the tire will your beads clump up like all the other internal balancer's?

    Answer: No, our beads are made of a tempered glass that cant absorb moisture and have a special Teflon coating that wont allow it to clump. 


    Question5: I have a internal tire pressure monitoring system will your beads damage them?

    Answer: No, we are the only internal balancer that guarantees not to damage them. Other products will damage your sensor. 


    Question6:You say Counteract will improve my tire wear and fuel economy, do you have any proof?

    Answer: Yes, besides the 62 countries we are in and countless satisfied customers we have a independent study conducted by Auburn University and Federal University of Brazil


    The Counteract Tire Balancing beads “bag in bag” application for Trucks  makes it easy to install. Just throw the beads in the tire before mounting. The product can also be injected into the tire through the valve stem with supplied bottle and hose in all Kits. Once installed, the product travels through centrifugal force and inertia to counteract the unbalanced spot on the tire.

    To Order:


    Fleet Managers/ State Governments and Municipalities Call 1-800-872-9595


    I have a 2005 one-ton Ford pickup with a 6-liter power stroke auto transmission. Tires; Cooper size 35x12x50 are mounted on my truck with a 40,000 mile tire life. Prior to putting in the beads I was experiencing a 50 mph tire vibration and tire whine. After installing the beads and removing all of the tire balancing weights from the wheels, the fuel economy improved by 1.8 mpg* (13.6%), the tire vibration and whine was eliminated at all speeds and the tire wear increased.

    I had originally took my truck in to have one of my tires fixed for a slow leak.  When they checked my mileage, their chart showed that I had 57,000 miles on my tires.  So they checked the tread.  My tires still had 1/3 of their tread left.   Based on my calculation, I will get over 70,000 miles of use on these tires. That is a 75% increase on my tire wear.  These tires cost me $500 a piece. Thank you so much for bringing to my attention the Counteract Balancing Beads.

    Chuck Mortenson
    National Health Products L.L.C.

    * We have received additionall reports of 1 ton Dodge and Ford pickups getting 10-14% fuel economy improvements as well as two off road Toyota's (over sized tires with lift kits on frame) that have reported improved fuel mileage, one of these trucks over 15%.

    I just installed your Counteract beads in my new RV tires. Where have you been? I cannot believe how well they work. Just after the first few miles, it felt like someone placed an air cushion between my tires and the interstate. I am now going to install the Counteract beads in my motorcycle trike tires. Outstanding product!

    Jack Gregory 
    Carthage, TN

    We have been using Counteract Balancing Beads for 1 year. Our fleet consists of 800 tractors and 1200 trailers and we use about a case of product a week. We switched to Counteract because we found that the competitors’ product that we previously used was bonding to the aluminum rims close to the bead seating area of the tire causing corrosion. The wheel then had to be buffed with a steel wire wheel grinder to remove the material and corrosion. We have had no problems with Counteract and it does a great job for us.

    Malcolm Roberts

    Boyd Brothers

    Our customers love it! I own a flatbed trucking company in Yankton S D and after many years of using the powder balancing stuff a friend of mine that works for a Goodyear tire company told me about Counteract . We have been using it in all of our tires since then, 3 years ago.  We use it in steer tires , drive tires and trailer tires . I have seen about  50 percent better tire wear and the tires cap better as we have very little trouble with tire damage or failure . I also have seen about half a mile to the gallon improvement on fuel mileage . Plain and simple I would quit trucking before I would go back to the other stuff we used before and would never consider using anything other than Counteract Balancing Beads . Don't forget no powdery dust mess either . Thanks .


    Elton Wek
    Premium Best Transport Inc
    Yankton, SD

    I was asked to try COUNTERACT but was very skeptical as to its value with the program we had. The only real issue we were faced with was river wear on our front tires, which is normal with radial tires. We had to rotate our tires about 40,000 to 50,000 miles due to the wear pattern. Since we ran the same type of tires on the rear we just simply moved the fronts to the rear and rear to front. We installed the beads in our front tires. We did not let the driver know anything about what we were doing.

    With the use of COUNTERACT Balancing Beads we were able to extend this mileage out to 80,000 or 90,000 miles. It appears the beads helped slow the river wear down. This saved in labor costs by increasing the miles before having to rotate. Also, we save one cycle of rotation. It is from this experience that I would recommend using the beads. We did not see any inside tire damage. We even had some tires repaired and still performed well.

    Roy Gambrell

    Director of Maintenance 
    Truck It
    Cottontown, TN

    We started as one of the first companies in Russia to use Counteract Balancing Beads. We used them to perform tire balancing from our 24-hour Road Service Truck. At the beginning our customers bought the beads only to try them out. Now, transport companies and their drivers prefer balancing all truck tires with Counteract Balancing Beads.  In particular, national bus transport companies just started using Counteract Balancing Beads and the feedback has been always excellent.

    Die GmbH, “Harwest”
    Saratow, Russia

    I think Counteract does the job 100%.  We have over the road truck drivers who come in for it, they’re tickled to death, some call and if we don’t have it they won’t buy the tires, so they believe in it too.  Some of my older customers call and ask for Counteract balancing Beads.  If you haven’t got it they tell you they just can’t buy any tires from you.  We’ve been using Counteract for 7 years.  We’re probably one of the first operations in the area using it. We balance the drive wheels, most over the road crew balance all wheels.  It’s the real deal; it’ll get it done.  It will cap the sale every time.

    Paul Wells
    Store Manager 
    Gateway Tire Starkville #18 
    Starkville, MS 39759

    On behalf of Can-Truck Inc., I would like to thank Counteract Balancing Beads for the wonderful benefits of extended tire life and ride improvement. We operate a large fleet in the transportation sector and have greatly struggled with tire wear on our low deck trailers. At this time we feel we have doubled our tire life, which in turn has lead to great savings on our overall budget. We are so pleased that we have now moved to Counteract Balancing Beads in all our tires. Keep up the great work Counteract. 

    Bruce Johnston 

    Director of Safety and Maintenance 
    Can-Truck Inc. 
    Oshawa, Ontario

    I use it in my own trucks and I sell it as well. I have two 15’ box vans loaded with supplies and Counteract. I balance all 6 of my 19.5 tires. I run about a one hundred mile radius of home. I’ve sold the competition products but I just like Counteract the best of all. I put it in my own truck and it does an excellent job for me on the steering axle and the drives. When that truck runs, it drives smooth with Counteract. It had weights on it when I bought it new but when I put about 5-6 thousand miles on it, you start getting little bumps on it. You don’t notice that happening with Counteract. It still runs as smooth as it can be. I sell Counteract by the case. It’s a fine product.

    Mr. McWhirter
    McWhirter Supply Co
    Charlotte, NC

    I have a lot of drivers that come in asking for Counteract because there is a continuous balance. If you speed-balance tires, you find that when the rubber wears off they are no longer balanced. With Counteract, it just re-balances itself and the drivers notice that. The competition product sticks to the tire bead too easily. If you get a little bit on the bead your tire starts leaking. I don’t have that problem with Counteract. We used to use lots of the competitive product, but since we started using Counteract we like it much better.

    David Phagan
    Maness Tire
    Troy, N.C.

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